Gravity of Mind


What Does Technology Want?

I love this question.  It goes hand in hand with Michael pollan’s ” gives a plant’s-eye view talk”

I feel that this is a current trend in Modern thought.  The question, ‘What does this thing That is not human… Want?  What is its evolutionary motive?’  The great thing is… That we have really only started talking about Plants, Animals, and Technology.  What about Rocks, Stars, and empty Space?  What about the Questions or needs that the Big bang had? 

Is the universe trying to understand itself?  I ask this because in my opinion Plants, Animals, and Technology… are just Some of the Senses of the universe.  Tools to analyze and solve problems.

I think this is a great mindset, because it forces me to rethink GOOD AND EVIL, forces me to rethink NATURAL VERSES UNNATURAL, and most of all it forces me to rethink, my place, or my specie’s place, in the whole scheme of things.  As a Human being, I now feel Just as destructive as a forest fire that clears the dead trees and re imagines the surrounding landscape, I feel just as Unnatural as Gasses combining to form a self sustaining star, and i feel just as EVIL as the big bang that Just wants a few simple questions answered.